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We are a grassroots 501c3 committed to celebrating the life and legacy of

Eammon Padraig Sheehan, who died of a drug overdose in 2019.

This is a passion project where Eammon’s Heart shifts the conversations around empowering youth, optimizing mental health, supporting those dealing with SUD, and empowering those transitioning to a stable, productive sober life!

Our key initiatives include community projects to increase early childhood and substance use prevention education, promoting and providing lifesaving harm reduction policies, techniques, and programs, as well as teaching ways to envision living into a brighter future. 

We work to support the greater community: be inclusive and to provide opportunities at a better life by;

Optimize mental health and opportunities for a successful transition to a productive, sober life.

Being committed to saving lives through engaging the community with harm reduction education and training.

Affording access to evidence-based treatment programs.

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