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Transforming Lives

Funding Hope ~ Creating Possibilities
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"Why we succeed or fail isn't in the details of the fall, it's in the grace and strength with which we rise!"

Eammon's Heart Foundation 2021

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Just a hello!

Where we want to go …

Safer communities. For us, a safer community starts with inclusion, diversity,  connectivity, and support across all levels whether you are a helper or the one needing assistance. Perceptions of community safety, real or imagined, impact the way people feel and interact with each other positively or negatively within its confines.  Safety isn’t only about reducing and preventing injury and violence; It’s also about having the safety and security of knowing you have access to what you need to achieve your goals.  It’s about education, enlightenment, and opportunity.

It’s about HOPE – the thing that makes us human.

And OPPORTUNITY – the thing that gives us hope.

They go hand in hand and it’s becoming more difficult each day for families an kids to financially access the programming or training they need to realize their dreams.  Our short-term goals at Eammon’s Heart are to raise the money needed to support existing prevention program within Haverhill in several areas as well as develop our own long-term curriculums.

  • development of skills training programs
  • building mentorship relationships in the trades for the tactile youth
  • create scholarships to attend existing curriculum
  • Support STEM programming/camps.
  • provide scholarships to sober housing 
  • Boys and Girls Clubs programming

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Economics of Prevention

Evidence-based interventions for substance use can save society money in medical costs and help individuals remain productive members of society. Such programs can return anywhere from very little to $65 per every dollar invested in prevention.  




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