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 Our Champions

To champion is to defend, support, fight for, side with, advocate, and stand up for.  I can’t think of a better word to express how we feel towards all of you! 

Whichever you were here – we are humbled by your contributions and grateful you share our vision!   

We are nothing without you…

Behind us and Beside us ...

Shea Family Foundation

Plum Island Kayak

Christina Eckert

Representative Andy Vargas


AlphaE Consulting

Olive Drop Management

Kenco Development

Michael Joy

Dawn Dipersio

Jessica Bonifas

Jonathan Locke

Kristina Hardy

David Sheehan

John Cuneo

Irene Harrington

Sara Boehm –

John Macone

Dean Page

Robert Lindscott

Vanessa Natalino

Her Attic

Josh Laramie

Erin Cuipa

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