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Evidence-based treatment

We are losing so many good people.

Whether to an OD or the resultant fall out of one, our families are being torn apart.

Join us for an evening of discussion on addiction, prevention, recovery, and the role mental health plays in creating the circumstances for an addiction and determines success in the recovery of one.

Community Resources

Safer Communities

Here we are attending National Night Out in Haverhill, MA, an important community event that connects us across the board in an effort to create safer communities. 

As a TIP volunteer we work in situations of the darkest sort to bring a sense of order to s traumatic event and a little light into the lives of those in chaos.  


Community Engagement

Freedom Illumination Project

Please help us with our Mission!

This is a special project of ours towards the goal of a safer, more connected and inclusive community for the citizens of Haverhill!

We have our reasons ... 

https://square.link/u/68QIcLkw to donate!

Community Support

Our support of The Peace Garden at Marigold Montessori is in recognition of the role mental health plays in our lives.